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Want to Get Your Child’s Tongue-Tie or Lip-Tie Released Completely the First Time? WE CAN HELP. Here at Tiny Ties of Columbus, we specialize in oral restrictions/TOTs (Tethered Oral Tissues). We are honored to provide the highest quality care for patients and their parents.

get your child’s tongue-tie or lip-tie released completely the first time

Are you or your child experiencing any of the following signs and symptoms:


  • Shallow Latch at breast or bottle
  • Falls Asleep in the middle of a feed
  • Slides or pops on and off the nipple
  • Gagging, Choking, or coughing when eating
  • Poor or slow weight gain
  • Hiccups often
  • Gumming or chewing the nipple
  • Short Sleeping episodes
  • Baby always seems hungry and not full (after the newborn phase)
  • Lip curls under when nursing or taking bottle
  • Mouth breathing
  • Reflux symptoms
  • Spits up often
  • Gassy or fussy often
  • Milk leaks out of the mouth at breast or bottle
  • Baby is frustrated at breast or bottle
  • Sucking blisters or callouses on lips
  • Clicking or smacking noises when eating
  • Pacifier falls out easily or won’t stay in


  • Speak softly (mumble)
  • Frustration with Speech
  • Speech Therapy
  • Choking or gagging on liquids or foods
  • Have a strong gag reflux
  • Exhibit Slow or Picky eating
  • Snore or sleep with their mouth open
  • Speech Delay


  • Creased, Flattened, or blanched nipples
  • Bleeding nipples
  • Lipstick shaped nipples after feeding
  • Poor or incomplete breast drainage
  • Decreasing milk supply
  • Plugged ducts, engorgement or mastitis
  • Having to use a nipple shield
  • Consistent Pain when nursing

About Us

Dr. Pagé is On a Mission to Help Other Parents.

Dr. Pagé founded Tiny Ties of Columbus to specifically focus on tongue- and lip-tie releases.  The purpose of Tiny Ties of Columbus is to help families thrive. Specializing in frenotomies/frenectomies and focusing on this procedure allows Dr. Pagé to offer the time, understanding and support that each family needs.

We at Tiny Ties of Columbus want to facilitate your child’s feeding and oral health journey. Welcoming a new baby or caring for a child who is experiencing challenges can be an incredibly stressful experience. Let us help you eliminate the hardships that oral restrictions can cause so that you can focus on the wonderful and empowering journey of being a parent.

Our Patients

Tiny Ties of Columbus is Part of the Tiny Teeth Family.

As a pediatric dental office with special emphasis on tongue-ties and lip-ties, we witness the impacts of TOTs daily from infancy to adolescence. By gently relieving these tethers with the use of laser dentistry, your infant will be better equipped to breastfeed successfully, and your child will be better equipped to chew and swallow foods, speak and maintain proper oral hygiene.  

Tiny Ties of Columbus is a team of caring professionals who want to see you and your child succeed. We take immense pride in what we do and look forward to meeting and helping your family.

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Our Reviews

Read reviews from our patients!

Tiny Teeth is absolutely amazing! The staff was so welcoming and amazing. The nurse and doctor did everything perfectly.

Jada N

Dr. Pagé and her incredible team changed our lives! We are incredibly thankful for The Tiny Teeth team and their compassion.

Carly B

Took our infant to Dr. Pagé for a tongue tie release and she was wonderful.  Would highly recommend this office and staff!

Gabrielle P