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We know it can be very stressful to struggle with nursing or feeding issues. After a thorough consult, if we determine that treatment is necessary, we can offer same-day treatment.

Comprehensive Assessments, Complete Releases and Supportive Care.

Tiny Ties of Columbus uses the latest technology along with a caring approach to release oral restrictions in a family friendly atmosphere. You can count on us to provide experienced treatment solutions and a caring environment for your family. Dr. Pagé has completed over 600 tongue-tie and lip-tie releases–she is the expert you want by your side. 




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Here at Tiny Ties, we care for your children like our own. Make an appointment and start your child’s unrestricted journey with the best team in Columbus!

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Tiny Teeth is absolutely amazing! The staff was so welcoming and amazing. The nurse and doctor did everything perfectly.

Jada N

Dr. Pagé and her incredible team changed our lives! We are incredibly thankful for The Tiny Teeth team and their compassion.

Carly B

Took our infant to Dr. Pagé for a tongue tie release and she was wonderful.  Would highly recommend this office and staff!

Gabrielle P